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The Pulpit Committe is very pleased to announce that we have finalized the Pastoral Vacancy Announcement seeking a new pastor for First Baptist Church of Annapolis.  The vacancy announcement is below and will be open until June 30, 2023.  Persons interested in applying should follow the guidance below.

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Requirements to Apply for Pastoral Vacancy Announcement

First Baptist Church of Annapolis, Inc. 
31 West Washington Street Annapolis, MD 21401
Rev. Louis J. Boston, Pastor Emeritus 
Pastoral Vacancy Announcement 

Opening Date: 1 May 2023                    Closing Date: 30 June 2023

The First Baptist Church of Annapolis, Inc. at 31 West Washington Street in Annapolis, MD is prayerfully and actively searching for our next Pastor. We are seeking a Pastor who is led by the Holy Spirit and a Pastor who God has chosen to lead a congregation of faithful believers, church leaders and a multigenerational congregation. The Pastor will be guided by the biblical principles in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The Pastor is responsible for leading the church to function as a Bible- based church; and will be the Shepherd of the Church in divine worship, aggressive evangelism, deliberate discipleship, and compassionate ministry. The Pastor shall function as the chief executive, and oversee and direct the Church’s day-to-day operations, to include strategic planning of the Church’s mission, vision, and values.

Overview of the Church
First Baptist Church is rooted in and guided by the spirit of Jesus Christ. Our membership is made of Bible-based, believing Christians, some of whom are related by birth or connected through relationship and friendship. First Baptist Church also provides opportunities for leadership development, Christian education, and an environment where members can learn and grow. We have turned a favorite hymn of the church into our motivation; “We’ve Come this Far by Faith” is not just what we believe, it is what the Lord has shown us for 130 years!

Job Location:
First Baptist Church of Annapolis, Inc.,

31 West Washington Street,

Annapolis, MD 21401 

Responsibilities, and Duties of the Position are as follows but not limited to:

●    Responsibilities  
○    Preaching 
○    Leadership
○    Evangelism 
○    Administration 

●    Duties- Provides oversight in the following areas:
○    Leading church administration, including task related to the church office, finances

      and the facility 
○    Meeting with ministry leaders who plan and organize ministry events 
○    Preparing and Delivering Sermons
○    Counseling individuals with personal and spiritual problems 
○    Visiting members in the hospital and in nursing homes 
○    Prayer 
○    Leadership, Vision, and crafting a compelling plan for the future of the Church 
○    Organizing ministries and empower ministry leaders
○    Building relationships in which people are connected and care for one another 
○    Evangelizing and show Jesus through Word and Action 
○    Developing Bible Classes 
○    Discipleship and Spiritual Formation
○    Represents the church with government entities and local organizations 

Qualifications and Skills 
●    Be an Ordained Baptist Minister 
●    Demonstrated ability to preach a sermon that is clear, concise, and complete 
●    Demonstrated training or experience indicating oversight 
●    Supervision of temporal affairs of the church 
●    Documented evidence of sound faith and good report with a church body

Degree from a seminary or divinity school 
Previous Job Experience
Prior pastoral experience preferred
Salary and Benefits
Negotiable. Salary will be based on the candidate's experience, and education. Please indicate your desired minimum salary and benefits on your resume and/or letter or intent. Please note, relocation expenses are not available. 

Submitting the Application 
Please include the following application materials as your Candidate Package: 
●    Letter of Intent 
●    Current Resume
●    Copy of Ministerial License
●    Copy of Certificate of Ordination 
●    Verification of Theology/Seminary Degree 
●    (5) Letters of Recommendations will be requested later in the process

             (2 Clergy, 2 Deacon/Deaconess/Church Leaders, 1 Personal) 
Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

How To Submit
By Indeed: (Search: First Baptist Church of Annapolis)
By Email~ Please attach the list above in an email to:
By Drop Off: Candidates are permitted to drop off their Candidate Package using the

   secure mailbox attached to the church door. You will receive an acknowledgement

   receipt by email.

By Mail~ Please mail your completed Candidate Package to:

First Baptist Church of Annapolis, Inc. 
Attn: Deaconess Deborah McClure 
31 West Washington Street
Annapolis, MD 21401 


Deadline for Applications: 30 June 2023 

The Pulpit Committee will acknowledge receipt of all resumes and letters of interest. All information will be treated as confidential. Questions concerning the applications must be submitted in writing to Bro. Jalen Williams using



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