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      The Pulpit Committee is pleased to announce that we have completed our interviews of

six (6) candidates we identified for the Pastoral Vacancy. Moving along in the process,

three (3) candidates will preach before the church. The committee will then select the

TOP 2 to present to the church for a vote. 

      During the month of November (Church Anniversary Month) each candidate will deliver

a sermon in alignment with our Church Anniversary theme "A Solid Church, on a Solid Rock";

Scripture: Matthew 16:18. These sermons will take place on November 12th, November 19th,

and November 26th (second, third, and fourth Sunday). At the close of the morning worship

service, there will be a Fellowship Hour which will consist of a 30 minute Q&A Session in the

Sanctuary followed by a 30 minute Meet & Greet in the church annex. 

      We implore all members to attend church on each Sunday so that they may meet with the

candidates in person and learn more about their vision for First Baptist Church. Remember,

that it is YOU, the members of the congregation who will vote to elect the new Pastor. 


      The Pulpit Committee thanks you for your patience and your continuous prayers during

this transition. May God Bless You All!


In Christian Love,

Deaconess Deborah McClure, Chair-Pulpit Committee 

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