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Bowman Community Development Corporation

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Named after the late Reverend Leroy Bowman, the mission of the Bowman Community Development Corporation (BCDC) is to improve the quality of housing, education, economic opportunities and social services available to residents of the Clay Street and Inner West Street areas of Annapolis. 


The current project is the repair and renovation of the Bowman Building (formally the Butterworth Building, located at 61-63 West Washington Street in Annapolis.  This building, which sits within the Captial City Arts and Entertainment District, is one of five commercial building located in the core fo the Clay Street neighborhhod (also known as the "old Forth Ward").  The renovation will result in space for commercial and/or community use on the first floor and the creation of three apartments on the second floor.   This renovation is central to the Clay Street neighborhood's revitalization.


The renovation of this buidling will provide:

  • affordable housing for artists, government workers, veterans and others working in or near the Captial City Arts and Entertainment District; and


  • renovated commercial space to help create economic and entrepreneurship opportunities within the Clay Street neighborhood


For more information, please contact us on 410-268-5532.

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