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Church Officials



Assistant Pastor
   Reverend William "JR" Pinkney
Assistants to The Pastor                

    Reverend Vernard S. Brown, Youth Ministry                       

    Reverend Basil G. Scott, Children's Ministry                      

    Reverend Charles Leonard


    Reverend Yvonne Bell


     Church Clerk                                          

            Sis. Cecile Jackson                                                                    

     Asst. Church Clerk                                          

           Bro. Jalen Williams



Church Officials

      Deacon Ministry

     Wallace Wiliams, Chair


Deaconess Ministry
    Lynda Gross
Ministry of Trustees
     Denise Smith, Chairperson
Women's Ministry
Laymen's Ministry
Youth and Young Adult Ministry
    Reverend Vernard Brown
Children's Church
    Reverend and Mrs. Basil Scott
Outreach Ministry
    Reese James
Missionary Ministry
     Claudia DeGrate



     Ministry of Christian Education

           Deaconess Vancie Hackett


Ministry of Transportation


Hospitality Ministry

Sis. Mary Pinckney






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