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Our Deacon and Deaconesses are God loving Christians

Our Deacon Ministry are God loving Christians

Deaconess 2019
Deacons 2019

The term "deacon" is derived from the Greek word "diakonos", which is translated "servant". One of the roles of the Deacons of FBC of Annapolis is to serve the needs of the Body of Christ.

Deacon and Deaconess


Meet The Team

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Working with the pastors and staff to plan and conduct special worship events.

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Faithfully fulfill our role as servant leaders and examples for the church to follow


Helping with the two Holy Ordinances of Baptism and Communion

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Our purpose is to glorify God by serving his body through caring for the operational aspects of the Church

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We exist to serve, to help, share and care for the congregation of this church.

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Actively participate in all efforts to fulfill the Great Commission by leading lost souls to Christ.

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