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Boy Scout Troop 323

Under the direction of Scout Leader Ernest Rodgers and spiritual guidance of Rev. Louis J. Boston, Boy Scout Troop 323 was established at First Baptist Church of Annapolis. 


Biblical Perspective on the Scout Law:  12 Guidelines for Living


  1. A Scout is trustworthy.

  2. A Scout is loyal.

  3. A Scout is helpful.

  4. A Scout is friendly.

  5. A Scout is courteous.

  6. A Scout is kind.

  7. A Scout is obedient.

  8. A Scout is cheerful.

  9. A Scout is thrifty.

  10. A Scout is brave.

  11. A Scout is clean.

  12. A Scout is reverent.


For more information about opportunities for your son to be involved in Troop 323, please click here.  ​



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